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Heat Networks in the UK 

In the UK we have historically been slower at developing our district heating market with just 2% of buildings connected to a network today, yet we need to rapidly increase deployment to help exploit low carbon heat sources and accelerate the journey to net zero. According to Government estimates, up to 18% of buildings could be connected to a heat network by 2050.


Transformation of the UK heat network sector will of course look quite different to the early development of heat networks. 21st century infrastructure projects depend on an array of skills and capability alongside the conviction and tenacity that would be familiar to our forebears.  District heating is a global industry but the networks and infrastructure that operate and maintain them are local - with the potential to be every bit as diverse as the communities they serve in a way that many other utilities have not.

The Diverse Heat Network


The Diverse Heat Network has been established to ensure that the emerging UK heat network sector leaves no stone unturned when it comes to attracting talented people to drive the industry forward. Success depends on being attractive as a destination and a career for people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, social class and so on. As a vertically integrated market, we have an opportunity within district heating to shape the most diverse and representative sector in the energy industry and we intend to be vanguards of this approach. An industry that is reflective of society is also far more likely to be successful in persuading society to adopt the solutions they are advocating.

Our Purpose


The Purpose of the Diverse Heat Network is to attract and retain an army of district heating champions to work in our industry, representative of society and reflecting a diversity of attributes, experiences and perspectives. We want to fill skills gaps identified across our industry to ensure the heat network sector will have the necessary skills, training and experience to deliver the UK’s transition to net zero. We are in a race against expectation and time, so we need to grow interest in our sector and draw in people from all walks of life to take advantage of the green growth opportunity.

Our Ambition


We have sincere ambition but recognise there is no guarantee of success. Over the coming months and years we will be working hard, through a range of activities to realise our vision of a heat network sector that is recognised as being the most representative sector within the energy industry and one of the leaders in championing genuine inclusion across the UK.


We hope that you will find the content of this website valuable and that whatever your interest in this sector, you will be inspired to join us on the journey.

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