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Workers Supervising Construction

Our Vision

Our Vision

The aim of the Diverse Heat Network is to enable change within the sector. Through a range of initiatives and activities, we want to strengthen the industry, be more innovative and have more creative solutions to grow our talent pool and develop the talent we already have. 

We want to encourage collaboration, share best practice, and learn from and with each other to collectively develop impactful resources which we can all benefit from. 

A crucial part of that is identifying those parts of our sector which are not diverse and collectively identify blockers to establish which action we need to take to increase diversity within the sector and create cultures of belonging within our workplaces. 

We need to attract a diverse workforce into the sector which is representative of society and reflects a diversity of skills, experiences and perspectives. A workforce that fills the skills gaps to ensure the heat network and energy industry will have the necessary expertise, training and experience to deliver the UK’s transition to net zero. 

Through our activities and initiatives, we want to enable change and inspire and influence the wider heat network, energy industry, our partners and supply chain to accelerate change. 

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