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Diverse Heat 

Heat Networks across the world are rooted in the communities they serve. The earliest examples of heat networks involved local people coming together to build, connect and maintain the systems which provided essential warmth and life into homes and buildings. By their very nature, heat networks are more efficient and effective when they are inclusive.


Why Build a Diverse Heat Network? 

We want to encourage collaboration, share best practice, and learn from and with each other to collectively develop impactful resources which we can all benefit from. 

Why do we need to work together?

As individual organisations we have conversations about how we can encourage diverse practices. We identified that anything we do together will be more impactful than acting alone. 

Why do we need to change?

We recognise our sector is not yet as diverse and inclusive as it needs to be to thrive. Not only do we need to stay ahead of the competitive market, but we also need to be more attractive for the best and most diverse talent out there.  

Why do we need diversity? 

Diversity will bring a wealth of skills, experiences and perspectives. A workforce that fills the gaps will ensure the heat network and energy industry has the necessary expertise, training and experience to deliver the UK’s transition to net zero. 

"The DHN is an exciting opportunity to drive impactful change, not just within the member organisations but also the wider sector."

Meike Imberg

Equality, Diversion and Inclusion Lead at Vattenfall Heat UK

Our Aims

To encourage collaboration, share best practice, and learn from and with each other 
To identify the parts of our sector which are not diverse 
To attract a diverse workforce into the sector which is representative of society 
To enable change, inspire and influence the wider heat network, energy industry, our partners and supply chain to accelerate change. 

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