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Billy Aldridge

Policy Lead, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


Billy is a policy lead in Hydrogen and industrial carbon capture at BEIS, after previously working in the heat networks market development team at BEIS on initiatives such as the heat network skills programme and the market transformation commitments (MTCs).

The MTCs are commitments made by applicants to the Green Heat Network Fund to invest in infrastructure, skills, and innovation, and were shortlisted for a cross-government D&I award. Billy has continued his role with the Diverse Heat Network as an independent champion since leaving the heat networks team. Billy is passionate about bringing about positive change so that the heat network sector better reflect the diverse communities it serves.

Diverse Heat Network Board

Diverse Heat Network Champions

The Diverse Heat Network Board will be made up of individuals from each member organisation. The Board will be responsible for deciding on actions which help to deliver the vision and objectives of the group.

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The Board members will be supported by named champions from each organisation. While the Board will provide priority areas and resources to achieve the strategic aims of the DHN, the champions will take a lead on the implementation and delivery of initiatives. ​

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