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Cécile Parker

CFO, Vital Energi Group

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Cécile is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in financial leadership roles across various industries. With a strong global background, she has successfully navigated the complexities of both public and private sectors, making her a valuable asset to the Vital Energi Group of Companies as the Group CFO.


Known for her drive, integrity, and self-reliance, Cécile excels in financial management and business acumen. Her collaborative nature has earned her respect as a team player who effectively manages stakeholders. She goes beyond the boundaries of finance, working closely with non-financial departments to achieve results efficiently and within deadlines.


Recognised as a leader in her field, Cécile has spearheaded strategic initiatives to foster customer-centricity, both internally and externally. Simultaneously, she has consistently delivered financial outcomes aligned with annual operating plans. Her expertise in financial structuring, processes, and deals has cultivated strong relationships with private equity firms, major banks, financial institutions, and global payment providers.


Cécile's achievements at Vital Energi and prior include leading refinancing transactions and private equity exits, driving financial turnarounds, and collaborating with the CEO to devise growth strategies. She is an agent of change, generating cost savings and forging long-term partnerships with investors, lenders, and other stakeholders. Her strategic involvement in sales support ensures prudent risk management in commercial aspects.


Beyond her financial prowess, Cécile adds value to the organisation's overall well-being. As a member of the Executive Board, she leverages her experience to foster talent development, providing coaching and mentoring to team members. Her passion for education, sustainability, and diversity is evident through her involvement as a STEM Ambassador and ACCA UK Corporate Sector Panel Member. While new to the industry, Cécile is dedicated to enhancing the visibility of the Heat Networks sector and creating opportunities for diverse talent.


Cécile's commitment to promoting diversity aligns with Vital Energi's values as a founding member of the Diverse Heat Network. She represents the company on the DHN Board, furthering their mission within the industry.

Diverse Heat Network Board

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The Diverse Heat Network Board will be made up of individuals from each member organisation. The Board will be responsible for deciding on actions which help to deliver the vision and objectives of the group.

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The Board members will be supported by named champions from each organisation. While the Board will provide priority areas and resources to achieve the strategic aims of the DHN, the champions will take a lead on the implementation and delivery of initiatives. ​

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