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Gareth Jones

Managing Director, FairHeat 


As FairHeat’s Founder and Managing Director, Gareth works closely with both the New Build division of the business, overseeing project support services, and with the Operations side of the business, with an active involvement in the improvement of heat network performance. Gareth also leads within the business with respect to supporting clients with contractual negotiations and provides advisory support at a policy level.

Gareth started his career at The Boston Consulting Group, before moving on to Linklaters, firstly as Head of Strategy and then as Asia COO. Gareth then made a move into low-carbon energy in 2006, subsequently establishing numerous business ventures within the industry. These ventures included district heating, utility services, smart meter design and manufacture, solar energy, ESCOs and energy performance contracting.

Through these ventures, Gareth had access to data on the performance of more than 100 heat networks across the UK, enabling him to see the real-world performance of these systems. He established FairHeat to bridge the expertise gap that he saw in the market and help deliver the knowledge required to realise the full potential of heat networks in the UK.

Since founding FairHeat, Gareth has taken an active role in driving change within the heat network sector. As part of this, Gareth Chairs the BESA HIU Standard Steering Group and Technical Committee, the industry bodies that oversee the UK HIU Test Regime (a BESA standard that was originally developed by FairHeat), is of Chair the ADE Heat Network Forum and sits on the ADE CIBSE CP1 Steering Group and CIBSE DHW Working Group.

Diverse Heat Network Board

Diverse Heat Network Champions

The Diverse Heat Network Board will be made up of individuals from each member organisation. The Board will be responsible for deciding on actions which help to deliver the vision and objectives of the group.

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The Board members will be supported by named champions from each organisation. While the Board will provide priority areas and resources to achieve the strategic aims of the DHN, the champions will take a lead on the implementation and delivery of initiatives. ​

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