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Creating an Inclusive Environment for Hidden Disabilities in the Workplace

On January 25th, 2024, The Diverse Heat Network (DHN) hosted a "Lunch & Learn: Disabilities in the Workplace" webinar in collaboration with the Business Disability Forum.

This enlightening session, hosted by Fanny garrigou-grandchamp, Decarbonisation Project Manager at Equans UK, and Amy Fry, Relationship Manager at Triple Point Heat Networks Investment Management, and also featured Courtney Swaby, Business Disability Partner at the Business Disability Forum. The webinar offered attendees profound insights into disabilities in the workplace, focusing on understanding biases, hidden disabilities, and practical strategies for fostering an inclusive culture.

Attendees gained invaluable knowledge on improving disability awareness, implementing measures to support individuals with disabilities, and steps towards becoming a disability-smart organisation. Courtney Swaby, with his extensive experience and passionate advocacy for inclusivity, shared expertise on the Equality Act, the importance of supportive line management, and the benefits of Business Disability Forum’s resources. The webinar educated on how company's and individuals can transform workplace cultures but also highlighted the necessity of sometimes treating people differently to ensure fairness, emphasising the crucial role of inclusivity in the professional environment.

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